Palarong Pambansa 2010: Dancesport Philippines in the Hands of Stanley Alexander

Why should a foreigner who calls Pinoys  "stupid monkey" manage a national event which includes the FILPINO youth? Why not a Filipino Organization like PDSAP, DSCPI, PDTA who are 100% Pinoy w/ dedication in improving our youth? – Willy O. Rodriguez

For over three months now Mr. Willy Rodriguez, founder of Dancesport in Pasay, has been continuously battling out with the wrong doings of Australian National Stanley Alexander, head of Philippine Professional Dancesport Association (PPDSA). PPDSA works together with Austral-Asian Arts Theatre Dance International (AATD) in giving out quality trainings and high-class certifications to dance instructors who want to make it big in the industry. As what it says in its website,, this certification body caters to a larger scale of dance teachers, reaching to the masses as its rates are competitively lower than other certification organizations.

Stanley would also want everyone in the Philippines who have UKA certification to get a full refund as it cannot be used in this country. Also, he is questioning the certification process of UKA and pointing out that Mr. Louie Tan’s certification as Professional Dance Teacher is questionable since he just won a competition and promoted to that right away from being in the level of Probationary Teachers’ Certification. A copy of this letter has been sent through e-mail to Ms. Fe Hidalgo, DepEd Secretary. Adamantia Angeli, the Executive Secretary of DepEd replied and asked Stanley to clarify the rules and procedures and if they could be of help but she was left unanswered.

Stanley then again e-mailed Mr. Rodriguez to inform that they have already a new website and that he is now with a new organization linked to World Dance and Dance Sport Council (WDDSC). The organization is Philippine Dance and Dance Sport Federation (PDDSF),

Mr. Rodriguez checked on the PDDSF address, 603 Manila Luxury Condominium Pearl St Corner Gold loop Ortigas. This address has been posted on websites of PPDSA WCDF AATD NDL and NDTC where scholarship for dance instructors is said to be offered.

Also, Mr. Rodriguez found out that Stanley’s Ambassador of Guam USA title is fictitious, as he verified it with Rina Gonzales of Security and Investigation at the US Embassy.

Mr. Rodriguez brought the matter to the Palarong Pambansa Head, Len Toledo, who has signed endorsement letters for Stanley with the title. His SEC registration which has been posted in social networking sites such as Facebook, as well as in endorsement letters for PPDSA, AATD, NDTC, NDL and WCDF have been dated 2004 and 2006 but Stanley’s organization have only been registered on July 17, 2007. Moreover, his officers stated in the website have not been recognized by SEC and they also do not hold GIS. In addition, teachers who have been under Stanley’s training had a hard time learning the syllabus and to this effect, they could not apply immediately what they have learned. Some Palarong Pambansa volunteers attest to that as they have been under Stanley’s training. Mr. Rodriguez asks, “how could a teacher learn adjudicating, teaching scrutineering, if they never experienced the floor and compete? Some adjudicators and students of Stanley are now w/ DSCPI.

Mr. Rodriguez wrote to Ms. Rebecca Garcia, President of Dancesport Council of the Philippines, Inc. (DSCPI), about the case of Mr. Stanley Alexander. He stresses that the only solution to this dilemma is for DSCPI to educate DepEd, CHED, Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) and Philippine Sports Commission (PSC). According to Mr. Rodriguez, “Stanley have used the ignorance of our dedicated teachers and official of DEPED/CHED in dance sport matters) giving him a chance to take advantage of our fellow Filipinos.” He thinks that the Memo which Ms. Garcia sent to DEPED/CHED has not been disseminated properly or was lost along the way. He urges Ms. Garcia to invite the DEPED/CHED/PSC officials in competitions for them to know in which level the Philippines is in terms of dance sport, and also for them to compare it with Stanley’s teaching. DSCPI is the governing body recognized by the government of dancesport here in the Philippines, but here comes Stanley, a foreigner on tourist visa, claiming to be an Honorary Ambassador "AT LARGE".

Other anomalies of Stanley are: He has been going against and making issues on Blackpool winners Edna Ledesmaand John Co as they are not supposedly to win because to him they are amateurs. He wrote a letter to DepEd, CHED and Philippine Games and Amusement Board (GAB).
Also, he criticized the people in Cebu Dancesport as not yet in the professional level.

Stanley claimed that Bong Marquez has been his student but according to the man himself, he never was.

Palarong Pambansa is a government sponsored event and Stanley is asking for 2,500 workshop to competitors and student, as reported earlier by here:

Oliver Victorano is a student of Stanley's PPDSA in 2001 but no longer renewed his membership, still Stanley included him on the list.

He put out a list of certified adjudicators by his organization but none of them attested it to be true.
In the next video, Stanley Alexander and VP Dona Cosejo are chatting while adjudicating in Dance Sport Palarong Pambansa. There are rules in the adjucating process that should be followed to ensure fair judgement.

Currently, Mr. Rodriguez is working on encouraging Filipinos in dancesport to join him in this battle. He is also reaching out to government agencies to be able to educate them on Dancesport. Stay tuned for more updates regarding this issue soon.

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