Looking for Celebrity-Singers, Rapper/Singer, and Youth Leader/Model

To those who are interested or might know someone who is interested:

Good day!

We are currently in search for the following:

  • Celebrity-singer
  • An attractive singer/rapper. Experience in a choir, band, contest or the like will be given preference
  • A youth leader/model who can sing well

With the following qualities:

  • Believes and supports the advocacy of improving the Philippines' education system.
  • Within the age of 8 to 30 years old.

Who can be in our latest video commercial called Check My School. Check My School is a joint project of ANSA East Asia Pacific 
and the Department of Education featuring Philippine public schools' education services in a website.
It is an interactive map of 
basic public education information. It tells us about the condition of the education sector as well as the services and facilities being provided
to the public schools.  For more information about the project, please click these links: 
http://rapidshare. com/files/ 383303176/ Check_My_ School_Concept_ Note_for_ Talents.pdf. html and  
http://rapidshare. com/files/ 383303176/ Check_My_ School_Concept_ Note_for_ Talents.pdf. html.

If you're interested or knows someone who is interested, please contact jirang88@gmail. com or message us at 0906-3314432/ 0932-2743911/ 0999-537800.

Deadline of application: May 7, 2010

Thank you! Please pass.


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