Limited Edition Manila's Summer Dance Workshop Starts Today!

Limited Edition Manila's Summer Dance Workshop starts today, May 10, at the Planet Jupiter Studio in Makati. We received some inquiries about how Limited Edition was formed as a group and how dancer/choreographer Mickey Perz brought the group to the Philippines and started Limited Edition Manila.

Dance Pinoy was able to rub elbows with Mickey Perz and the guys from Limited Edition on few occassions in the past but never really got down into a formal interview. If time and Mickey Perz permits, we would love to do a feature on Limited Edition soon. For now, those who inquired would have to settle with the bits and pieces I was able to pull up from the net. You can know more through accessing the link I quoted at the bottom. For sure, Dance Pinoy wishes Limited Edition Manila and its participants a successful summer dance workshop! 

Start of Limited-Edition Manila's Summer Dance Workshop

"Two hearts of dancers built up Limited Edition years ago. They managed to perform on birthday parties and different events. After a few years other hobby movers integrated, basically to have fun dancing on their free time, they made a great leap ever since having fun on huge stages and appearing in front of hundreds of audience.

Since the beginning of 2005 they’re officially Limited Edition and have been performing around Europe on various competitions. Limited Edition's concept is to motivate beginners by giving them self-confidence and reminding everyone that the most important factor “fun” should never be left behind. Based on their idea they shortly organized an audition establishing a bigger Asian family." 

Name: Michael Perz
Date of Birth: 01. June 1984
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Place of Birth: Vienna
Roots: half Austrian / half Filipino
Height: 182 cm
Dance Experience: Winner of Talentshow in Zurich / Winner of the Biggest Playbackshow in Switzerland / Swiss champion with Emotion / Winner of Fame of Stage 2004 with Emotion / Dancer for Musicstar / Choreographer and Dancer of Vina Morales and Jano Gibns / one of the Winner of Dancestar 2005 / Dance ensemble of the Musical DanceMe / Workshops with several famous Choreographers / Dance Model for several brands like: Adidas, Levis, Lee Pepe Jeans, Diesel…
Trainer of groups(Blaze (CH-Champion 05) / Limited Edition), Dance teacher at New Dance Academy
Reason of dancing: I always used to dance when I was small but the initial point was EL PALM (Filipino Charity Group) and the Backstreet Boys
Interests: Dancing, Swimming, spending time with my friends, shopping
Movies: A lot of movies but one of my favourite: Get Shorty
Television: Captain Tsubasa, Joey, Angel, O.C, Friends, Las Vegas, Entourage
Favorite Video Clip: That’s the way love goes by Janet Jackson
Favorite Choreographer: Brian Friedman / Tovaris Wilson / Rino
Favorite Routine: When you wanna come home
Philosophy of life: Enjoy every single moment in your life.


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