Kenny Wizz: The Michael Jackson Experience at SM Megamall

 Last May 5, 2010, Megamall awaited for MJ's reincarnation, Kenny Wizz to bring back to life the legacy that the King of Pop have left us.

Upon entrance, audience who want to be seated have to purchase any Michael Jackson CD or DVD.

Two brothers, seated in front with their parents, were dressed up ala-Michael Jackson as the younger was dancing in front while music was being played.

Going down the stairs of the basement off to the event center backstage, everyone got a glimpse of MJ's best impersonator.

As the time of the performance is nearing, the crowd is more thickening.

Hosted by Long Tall Howard, the show began in a few minutes.

The mini-concert began with a breath-taking production number of Kenny Wizz perofrming a medley of Jam, They don't Care about Us and In the Closet alongside with the KSP Dancers.

Afterwhich, he went on slow with I Just Can't Stop Loving You and You are Not Alone.

Everything reved up again when he performed Black and White.

Then, he continued on with Billie Jean, with a little twist of dancing to the beat of Mary J. Blige's Family Affair.

With the beats of Blood is on the Dance Floor, Kenny Wizz announced his comeback on August for another commemorative concert in tribute to the one and only Michael Jackson.

After the concert, everyone lined up on the right side of the stage to wait for the autograph signing by Kenny Wizz and an opportunity to get a picture taken with him. As whaong Tall Howard said, "It's the next best thing to having your picture taken with Michael Jackson".

Kenny Wizz: The Michael Jackson Show at SM Megamall is made possible by Steve O Neal Productions.

To know more about the world's no. 1 Michael Jackson Tribute Artist, here's a video of his interview with Ginger Conejero on ANC.

Watch out as bring you its own MJ-inspired event this coming August...

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