Masala Bhangra Fitness Dance

Summer is here! A lot are planning to go to the beach. To be able to bare it all off, most are taking on fitness regimens, dieting and going to the gym. To enjoy getting in shape, why not take on a dance class that will not only make you perspire but also be in touch with a culture that has been one of the oldest that ever existed.

"Dance in India has seeped into several other realms like poetry, sculpture, architecture, literature, music and theatre. The earliest archaeological evidence is a beautiful statuette of a dancing girl, dated around 6000 B.C. Bharata's Natya Shastra (believed to be penned between second century B.C. and second century A.D.) is the earliest available treatise on dramaturgy. All forms of Indian classical dances owe allegiance to Natya Shastra, regarded as the fifth Veda." 

Most Indian dance forms are structured on the nine kinds of emotions which are hasya (happiness), krodha (anger), bhibasta (disgust), bhaya (fear), shoka (sorrow), viram (courage), karuna (compassion), adbhuta (wonder) and shanta (serenity). Indian dance is blended of nritta - the rhythmic elements, nritya - the combination of rhythm with expression and natya - the dramatic element. Nritta is the rhythmic movement of the body in dance, pure dance. It does not express any emotion. Nritya is usually expressed through the eyes, hands and facial movements. Combining it with nritta makes up the usual dance programmes. Nritya comprises abhinaya, depicting rasa (sentiment) and bhava (mood).To appreciate an Indian dance drama, one has to comprehend and appreciate Indian legends. 

Indian dance does indicate deep-felt need to use the body to express uinversal truths in a heightened, reverential form. Also, since dance is physical and visual, it illuminates India's culture in a direct manner, playing on the sensibilities of the onlooker. Thus, those who are attracted to India will find the idiom of dance the best introduction to India's rich ethos and traditions.

Now, Indian dance has been immersed into fitness by Sarina Jain through her creation of Masala Bhangra. Through her fusion of Masala meaning spicy in Hindi and Bhangra which traditonal folk dance from the northern state.

The Masala Bhangra Workout is an exercise dance routine fitness program based on Indian dance, for people of all ages and fitness levels to stay physically active. It introduces Bhangra and Bollywood dance movements which is used as a mechanism to lose t weight and become physically active. 

Recently, Sarina Jain incorporated the use of bars into the workout. It then becomes a a full body strength training workout that effectively tones and builds muscle strength and burn fat/calories. This incredibly total body conditioning workout utilizes no more than 1 lb bars or weights, making it suitable for all fitness levels, whether you are a beginner to dance fitness or have never lifted weights.

As more and more people around the world get into the Masala Bhangra, so is the culture and art of India relived and revealed through the fitness world. Once again, humanity gets to live on through dance.

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