Earth Hour Flash Mob Dance Registration Cut-off Time

We appreciate everyone's enthusiasm and perseverance to join the mob dance but we have to cut off the registration today, February 26 at 12 nn. We are about to reach our quota of 40 dancers.

For those who will not make it with the cut-off time, you may still join on the day at March 6, 2 pm in Baywalk MoA and March 13, 5:30 pm at Bonificaio Highstreet. You don't have to register anymore or come to the rehearsals this weekend. Just go to the venues and dance! You may still join the transportation alloted in the pick-up points as specified in the earlier announcement.

So, let's all dance for a cause and make a difference in this year's Earth Hour! Thank you for your unrelenting support to this event.


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