Pop Girls Concert and CD Review

Step Aside k*pop! Let's all give it up for p*pop as five girls grace the airwaves, collectively known as the POP GIRLS:

Mar Harissah
Rose Van Ginkel
Nadine Lustre
Schai Sigrist
Lai Harissah


Caught up with their concert at the Event Center of SM Megamall last Sunday, January 24 at 4 pm. 

Upon entrance, Astro Vision sold Pop Girls CD with free poster.

The video of Sarah Geronimo's performance with the Pop Girls and the group's first live performance in Record Breaker has been played, together with the group's video, ad and sponsors' ad.

The crowd thickened as the time drew closer to 4 pm.

Hosted by Macho Palito of 93.9 i.fm, the show started with a guessing game about the group and the sponsors of the event.

Winners from the audience received gift packs from Ever Bilena.

At last, the Pop Girls came on stage singing their carrier single Crazy, Crazy. Then, they sang their version of Donna Cruz's Kapag Tumibok ang Puso, a personal favorite of mine.. After that they rendered a sweet serenade of another original track, True Love. The audience got all excited when at the middle of the song, some members were throwing posters

Then, Pop Girls played the "Spell Sisters" Contest with their chosen audience partner. Both of them have to spell the word "sisters" together using their bodies. Everyone got gift packs from Sisters Feminine Pads. Afterwhich, Pop Girls sang Crushy, Crushy, a song about teenagers' life. Again, they rendered another remake, their version of Regine Velasquez's Urong Sulong, another personal favorite of mine.

They ensued with another contest called the "Crazy, Crazy Dance". Each member chose 5 children among the audience to be theri respective partners. Out of all the kids, Nadine's parnter a cute chubby little girl stood out from everyone else as she gave manifested potentials of becoming a future Pop Girl, as the host said. After the contest and giving out of give packs courtesy of Ever Bilena and Sisters, Nadine acknowledged the presence of Ms. Geleen Eugenio, the group's choreographer at the technical area.

The group then again performed their carrier single Crazy, Crazy. Afterwards, autograph signing for those who bought the cds and got posters ensued together with photo ops.

This event has been presented by Mang Inasal and brought by Beauty and Butter, Sisters Feminine Pads, Ever Bilena Pink Water, People's Tonight and SM Megamall.


Pop Girls brings me back to a time in my life when I was truly in one with music: the 90s! Remember Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys?Though the same in genre, the difference with the pop girls is that they cater more to the young ones - children and teenagers. They are not too bold for the guys to drool over or too sexy for the young ones to emulate. They are just trendy pop singers with awesome dancing choreography that parents will not be afraid for their children to idolize.

Their self-titled debut album is packed with 12 danceable tracks, 3 of which are remakes, with 2 original ballads. Original songs are tag-lish, that makes their appeal to the general public, especially teenagers. Though the issues tackled in these songs, as revealed by the lyrics are usual problems that teenagers face, anyone listening to it will sure lighten up as the beat is contagieously happy. One will just start dancing and feel better after.

1. Crazy, Crazy - the album's carrier single. I't's mainly about getting infatuated on someone. Most teenagers relate to this.

2. Are you Ready? - Let's face it! Even in these modern times, Filipino men are still very much torpe! This song helps out young women with the same dilemma to let that guy speak up and confess his feelings towards her.

3. Tara na sa Mall/Let's Go to the Mall - Any girl who doesn't want to shop? I'm sure all girls will love this song.

4. My Love - A ballad tackling on having a supportive, loving and loyal boyfriend. Something that's hard to find during your teenage years.

5. Text Me - Oh yes! This song talks about the longing of a girl to be texted by a guy she longs to notice him. A dancy love song suited for  these digital times.

6. About You Boy - A song tackling being attracted to the opposite sex and wondering how come you are.

7. Aladdin - Far from the Disney Fairytale, "Aladdin" actually is the type of guy who disappears on a date. A n empowering song to be loved especially those who have experienced it.

8. Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso - This version is for the generation who weren't born yet during the 80s to lss over the original version, Donna Cruz's. The remake is so poppy and danceable that the young ones will like it and learn a thing or to about falling in love, that is not to deny how one feels. My official song for Valentines, I just need someone to sing this to!

9. Crushy, Crushy - A song that is suited for the young ones, with the message to take life easily and have fun, especially during the teenage years.

10. True Love - Another ballad. Even young, girls always dream about finding and ending up with their one true love. This song tells it all.

11. I'm in the Mood for Dancing - Another remake. A ballroom anthem converted to a pop version to let the young ones be encouraged to dance.

12. Urong Sulong - This version again is for those who weren't born in the 90s to lss over the orginal version, Regine Velasquez's. Once again, the song talks about a typical Filipino guy's shyness into wooing the lady he is attracted to. Now in an updated beat, suited to the musical taste of the young ones.

13. Turn Around - This song is an encouraging song of not giving up on what you want in life. Very much suited for teenagers who are easily discouraged or manipulated by people they mingle with. It may be just a simple song at first, but the more you listen to it, the more the message will reveal itself to you.

Pop Girls is under Pinoy Pop (p*pop) record label, CD distributed by Viva Records Corporation.

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