Month-Long Auditions for Dance Talents at Mukha Models this January!

Mukha is looking for various talents, from performers skilled in Dancing and/or Singing, to those with special talents like Juggling or even sword-swallowing, etc.

Email apply@mukahmdoels. com your talent and available time for auditions. Screenings will be held for the
whole month of January.


About Mukha

Mukha Models, a division of Philippines-, is the first and only
e-modeling agency in the Philippines. As an e-modeling agency, Mukha
utilizes Information Technology and the Internet Webspace to support its
operations. It does so by minimizing the need for models to go to Go-See's
where there chances of getting chosen are slim. On the client side, Models
photos will be sent by Mukha for pre-screening prior to actual Go-See so
when the Model gets to the client they know that they fit the peg the client
is looking for, equating to a smaller crowd of Models going to the client,
saving time and effort.

View Mukha's 2010 Contract Models at http://www.mukhafre



Mukha Models International, Inc.



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