DP Quote Contest & 1000 DP Dollar Dash Winners

DancePinoy.com introduced the DP Dollar system last year in an effort to spice up activities in our website and made an enticement to the first 3 who accumulated 1000 points should get FREE Dance Pinoy T-shirt. Here are the top 3 frontrunners:

  1. Danshin

  2. Billyboink

  3. Genzo

To further push thru online activities, the activity craze was followed by a mini contest entitled DP Quote contest. There are more than 100 entries received but only the unsurpassed 10 quotes made it on the voting race. A 3-month poll was placed on the front page to test what is the best quote. Hoarded voters made the 2 quotes made it on the peak:

  1. I was never born to walk... I was born to DANCE. – Neenah (87 votes)

  2. Watch out! DAN-XING (watch out! dancer crossing) – Allen (85 Votes)

Each successor will get a limited edition Dance Pinoy 2nd Edition T-Shirts!


Winners can claim their prizes immediately.
Contact +63920 828-2222 or email dancepinoy@gmail.com


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