Dance Philippines Incorporated at CCP

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D.A.N.C.E. Philippines Incorporated (DPI) was the last to perform (Entry # 25) in the contemporary category of the recently concluded NCCA SAyaw Pinoy, the first National Dance Competition. The piece that they have performed was Nag-iisa by Noel Cabangon. Enternalizing more a very lonely feeling, the dance started off with a prelude depicting the different emotions a person feels when alone. Aside from this very unique concept and the gloomy feel of their costumes, let us get to know Dance Philippines Incorporated a little better.

Auditions for becoming a member started last month. Screened by the group's choreographer and dancemaster, selected members underwent rigorous training before the group's official launch in NCCA Sayaw Pinoy. Preparations and rehearsals all have been a challenge considering all the members' busy schedules but everyone's passion for dancing was able to unite these members and work hard towards the event.

Although DPI did not win any prize, everyone felt fulfilled to have the priviledge to perform at CCP. The dance was commended by Ms. Shirley Halili-Cruz and Douglas Nierras for its uniqueness and exceptionality for a first performance. Watch out what's next for this group as they are slowly being recognized under the limelight.

Special thanks to Mr. Willy Rodriquez, founder of Dancesport Team Pasay, for letting us practice at his home studio for our final rehearsal.

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