UPHL Dance Showdown and Post-Halloween Party

Last November 14, Saturday at University of Perpetual Help, Calamba Gymnasium housed 21 dance troupe competitiors showcasing their talents and imaginative concepts through different dance genres.

Hosted by two lively stand-up commedians, there was never a dull moment throughout the show.

Most common themes that the group interpreted Halloween and Michael-Jackson inspired, together with the typical hiphop genre.

Other groups featured cute little boys, went retro and popular music to captivate the audience.

Still, all participants must undergo scrutiny of the panel of judges. Headed by Nash Anggahan, founder of DancePinoy.com, together with Sir Peter from Ignite Events and Jun Decena and Michelle Rio, Dance Journalists also from DancePinoy.com. Each group were judged according to their choreography (40%), stage presence (30%), creativity (20%) and audience impact (10%), amounting to a total of 100%.

As the judges were tabulating scores for the top 6 and the grand winners, the audience were entertained by a dance number by Fashionistas and a song number by one of the hosts.

Outstanding groups were the Philippine Pirates (Champion), with their unparalleled concept and choreography; Jazz Exchange (1st Runner-up), for all the daring lifts; and Freestyler (2nd Runner-up,) for a full-force execution of their moves.

This high-energy leveled event ended early in the morning, leaving everyone in the trance of dance. Setting all the funky moves aside, the event has been put up for the benefit of Ondoy victims and so there were raffling of tickets the whole time.

This event is brought to you by Ignite Productions and UPHL, together with DancePinoy.com.

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