Dance Bottle Concludes Hiphop National Interschool Competition

A week after the Hip Hop National Interschool Competiition at UP, the Dance Bottle held at Absynth Greenbelt 3 kicked off at exactly Friday the 13th! Around 10:00PM, a dance showdown has been videographed by TV5! Everyone enthusiastically swayed to the beat of the music, showing off what they've got. I was even grabbed from the crowd by one of the krumpers to do my own thing at the center of the dancefloor! Afterwhich, the search for the first DancePinoy queen took place.

Hosted by me, the DP Queen had three rounds to determine among them the girl  who deserves to win the title. The first round is the ramp and introduction of oneself to the crowd. The second round is the Q&A portion. Unlike a lot other contests, in this portion, contenders must answer the questions through a dance. Questions were thrown-in by fellow DP staff members  Hermes Gaucutan and Jophel Ybiosa, together with Maru, a representative from Infinit RTD. The lucky girl who bowed the wild audience is Faye from University of Perpetual Help Laguna, UPHL Dance Group.

Setting aside all the partying, we caught up with Mr. Jay Masta, one of the judges at Hip Hop National Interschool. Asked why he thinks PUP bagged the top prize in the college division, he said that of all the groups he saw, their choreography was very unique and original coupled up with high-powered execution and projection despite of the complained slippery dance floor. Other judges were Khel Parmina and Ms. Shirley Halili-Cruz. Here are the authentic scoring and official tabulation sheets from the judges for both High school and College Division.

The Dance Bottle ended with a special MJ Dance Number led by Hermes Gaucutan. Together with the DP Dance Queen contenders, DP Staff danced to Michael's signature 'Beat It' moves. All in all, everyone sure did feel the hype and vibe of this momentous after shock event.

The Dance Bottle is brought to you by and High End Productions; together with Infinit Ready to Drink Cocktail.

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