An Overwhelming Experience in World Supremacy Battlegrounds 2009

In its facade, the World Supremacy Battlegrounds 2009 Luzon Leg (October 23, 2009 in Sta. Lucia Grand Mall) is another usual hip hop dance competition. But what is different from others is this one has lots of participants. As in MARAMI! As far as I am concerned, there are 52 dance crews who joined only on the Luzon leg… from the upper mountains of Baguio, then to Laguna, Marikina, Manila up to my beloved place, Antipolo, Rizal. Aspiring dancers gathered in one place, with different purposes, but for one aim: to express their appreciation and passion on the art of dance.

A total of 20 dance crews will going to pass the qualifier round and will proceed to the national finals on October 26 still here on Sta. Lucia Grand Mall. The event started around 1:00 PM. I came to the venue around 4:00 PM. My friend told me late crews will be disqualified. For all their efforts, sayang talaga. It would be nice if I can recall all the names of the dance groups who joined the anticipated yearly hip hop dance battle. Pero sa sobrang dami, di ata kaya ng powers ko… waahahhah!

I noticed most of the crews have tutting and funk styles on their choreographies. Kasama kaya yun sa rules?

On my memory, 2 crews from Baguio are so awesome. The first group danced krump. Grabe ang lakas ng grupo. One of its members, the girl in particular, is so fine as she dances. She is also... hot! The Freestylers was so tight with its new routine! Also the Pinoy Hip Hop, which happens to be my neighbor, is very overwhelming. On the other hand, some dancers were just fillers and  not excel much effort for the competition.

It was a very unforgettable experience. I feel a little jealousy for what the crews capable of. But sometime soon, I will certainly learn those with my continuous training, endless enthusiasm and trusting the guy above.

I left the venue na hindi natapos ang event, so meaning di ko nalaman kung sino ang nanalo. But I guess everyone deserves to be part of the top 20.

For those who watched the event, tell also your experience. Share your pics and videos!

Thanks to Nash  for revising and proof-reading my article.
And also to Jepoppin for the Photos!

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