OneWebDay 2009, Well Thought-Out in the Philippines

Another big milestone is recorded in the Philippine history as the Philippine Internet Users’ Society and Event Philippines successfully launched OneWebDay Festival 2009: The Internet Day Celebration on SM Mall of Asia Music Hall in September 22, 2009.

The OneWebDay, founded by Ms. Susan Crawford is celebrated every September 22 of the year as a counterpart celebration of the Earth Day. Celebrated on its 4th year globally in several countries led by U.S. where the New York-based OneWebDay non-profit organization is based, it is the first time that the Philippines to be part of the bandwagon.  This year, about 50 countries have joined the global OneWebDay celebration. is one of the special delegates of the OneWebDay of 2009. Invited dance groups showcased their diverse performances to the live audiences representing the Philippine Dance Network: SIKAT Dance Repertory vigorously opened the festival with their Internet-related, YouTube inspired Evolution of Dance routine and presented repertoires of contemporary ballet and folk dances; the Real Attraction dance group of Quezon City performed an energetic krump routine; and Ms. Fe Zuleta, the 2009 gold medalist of the International Dance Sport Competition with her partner performed an exquisite Argentinean Tango.

Groups from, and other web communities carried out complimentary pc repairs, technical consultations and free seminars alongside with the performers from Version 4.0 and the famous South Border Band sung their all time favorite hits in the culminating night of the all-day venture.

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