Countdown to the Hip Hop National Interschool Starts with its 2nd General Assembly

No amount of heavy rain could stop dancers from all over Metro Manila and its neighboring areas to converge and be present in the final general assembly for the dance event that may very well be the fulfillment of their dreams of being recognized in the world of campus hip-hop.

Philippine Dance Network and Infinit Ready to Drink Cocktail held its second general assembly for the Hip-Hop National Interschool on Sept.12, 2009 at the Planet Jupiter Dance Studio in Makati City, marking the start of the one-month countdown to the much-anticipated event. As a reward, all diligent young dancers present were treated to a hip-hop masterclass session with none other than renowned swiss group Limited 3dition. Leading the dance class were Mickey Perz and Ryan Stalder whose fun and snappy routine invigorated everyone during the otherwise cold Saturday afternoon.


Significant updates for the event were discussed, including the official confirmation of the competition date being moved to Oct.10 and 11, 2009, to which the participating schools were updated beforehand. Reasons for the change of date were attributed to the extension of the construction period of the newly-built Taguig City Auditorium, on where the Hip-Hop National Interschool is privileged to be among the first events ever staged. 


The process of elimination and finals were also rolled out to the contestants. The high school and college level combined,  will have its elimination night on October 10 and its finals the following night, October 11. The ticket will serve its holder for both the two nights of the competition.







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