The Evolving Body continues to Evolve: An Experience on the WiFi Body 4 Contemporary Dance Festival

Wifi Body is an Independent Contemporary Dance Festival held annually at CCP. On its 4th year, the annual contemporary dance festival with a motif: ‘The Evolving Body’ continues to explore the work of contemporary dance artists. The festival will feature New Choreographers Competition, IndepenDance (Independent Dance Shows), Uncensored Bodies (short dance film competition), Photo Exhibit, 2nd Step (Wifi Body’s Past Competitors), In Focus (a closer look on independent dancers), Contemporary Dance Workshops, and much more. I was lucky to have a tease of some of its productions and workshops.

At the afternoon I arrived on the 2nd day to take a peek on the festival, I was late to a workshop by Ms. Myra Beltran. I still hesitantly joined. She discussed techniques of using the body in the way of a true dancer uses theirs and demonstrate combinations of movements. New friends, new learnings, new techniques. Thanks mam!

Then after, I watched 2nd Step, where the past competitors of Wifi new choreographer’s competition exposed their new set of masterpieces. I was impressed with the choreography of "Barang". It depicts a wrecked love that someone needs to pay from what is broken. And more with that, one of my co-scholars in Powerdance, Darlene is one dancers of the act.

Wifi is a very promising project. But I think something is missing… the support of the community and other independent artists on the project. Indeed, Wifi is something to see.

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