Dance Xchange on its First Year in the Philippines

The National Commission for the Culture and the Arts (NCCA) pushed its boundaries beyond the Philippine shores by mounting the first ever international dance festival in the Philippines, the Dance Xchange: The 1st Philippine International Dance Festival. Spearheaded by the National Committee on Dance, the Dance Xchange is a dance festival and workshop of different countries with different cultures which aims to showcase the unique dances of each country to facilitate cultural understanding and strengthen network among dance organizations and diplomatic relations among the participating countries.

Dance as a universal form of communication can erase culture, social class, religion and language barriers. Dance can be for anyone, regardless of creed, race and color -- Ms Shirley Halili Cruz, the festival director said on her message.
Invited international delegates includes Hunan Normal University Dance Group from Hunan China, Xiamen Xiao Pai Lu from Xiamen China, The Big Dance Company of England, Dance Mode Studio from Hong Kong, Senju Dance Company from Japan, Asawara Dancers (Akademi Seni Budaya Dan Warusan Kebangsaan) from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, The Dance Academy from Kuching Malaysia, Badan Budaya Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Bayu) from Sarawak Malaysia, Persadaku Seni Dancers from Singapore and Sri Lankan Dance Troupe from Sri Lanka.

The local dance groups who joined the celebration includes Douglas Nierras Powerdance, The Quezon City Ballet (Halili-Cruz Dance Company), ADS Performing Arts, University of San Carlos Dance Troupe, Helobung Community Dance Troupe Inc., the Bohol Punta Cruz Cultural Collective, Kahayag of South Cotabato, Professional Dance Teachers Association, Hwa Yi Ethnic Dance Troupe, Jambangan Dance Troupe, Sinanduloy Dance Troupe, MEV Dance Troupe, Leyte Dance Theater, PNU Kislap ng Sining Dance Troupe, Lahing Batangan, Sinukwan Performing Arts and Bayanihan; The Philippine National Folk Dance Company.

The city of gentle people, the Dumaguete city is a perfect place to mount the festival. The unwavering workshops conducted by the international delegates to the local participants and outreach performances on different locations beyond the host city are all faultless. The coordination of the organizers and the host is spotlessly managed.
Other festivals are all limited. If it is folk festival, its folk dance and if it is ballet festival, it is for ballet dance. This what made the festival unique to others. Dance Xchange showcases different disciplines of dance. Ranging from folk, ballet, contemporary, up to the modern interpretation of dance, the hip hop.

Strengthening the art of dance by mounting tourist-attracting affair and setting a new development in the Philippine history, Indeed, the Dance Xchange is another milestone not only to the Philippines but to the whole world as well.

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