The dance got its name from two popular dances in the late 1800s: the polka and balse (waltz). Though the balse is mentioned in the name of this dance, there is no single waltz step used in this dance. The steps of this dance are identified as the luksong uwak (jumping crow), wagayway (fluttering), hardin (garden), punta y tacon (heel and toe), corrida (bullfight), paseo (leisurely walk), ensayo (practice), contragansa (hop-cross) and the contragansa doble (double hop cross).

[youtube src="J2Ey7yPR_PE"/]

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  1. may i ask for any instructional post for these Filipino folk dances? thank you!

  2. can you post a place in the phiulippines where it was originated? plssss... polka bal... thanksss:)



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