Polka Mazurka

A dance of the old folks of Villareal, Samar which is a hybrid of two traditional dances-the polka and mazurka; both, of course, local versions. This dance is actually a love play where the movements are that of a boy and a girl courting. In one of the figures, the boy kneels and clasps his chest as if grief stricken while the girl dances around fanning herself.

Both the mazurka and the polka are national dances of Poland. In fact the word polka came from the Polish word for their homeland Poland which is Polska. Mazurka on the other hand, is a song and dance form in triple meter the Polish people call mazurek. The national anthem of Poland, the Mazurek Dabrowskiego (Dabrowski Mazurka) is a typical example of the mazurka music.

[youtube src="EbdMYraVhP0"/]

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