Philippine Christmas Dances

Philippine Christmas Dances are dances expressive of the Christmas season practiced in certain regions in the Philippines.

Aside from the Christmas carols most Filipinos are fond of during the yuletide season, there are also Christmas dances that are performed to celebrate this festive time of the year. Among the Philippine Christmas dances are:

  • Tulu Kahadi, the traditional Christmas dance in the Eastern Visayas, narrates the story of the Magi; 
  • Bati, which means greetings, is the dance practiced in the province of Batangas; 
  • Pastores de Belen (Sheperds of Betlehem), from the Bicol region, is the presentation of the shepherds singing and dancing from house to house; 
  • Pandanggo Rindonada, another dance from the province of Bicol, has no religious element but is a favorite dance during the yuletide season; 
  • Sakuting, a dance from the Ilocos region and non-Christian groups of the northern mountains, is danced by children while striking together footlong sticks for rhythm 
  • when going from house to house to solicit gifts;
  • Las Panderetas, which used to accompany the Christmas carols called Daigon, is the traditional Christmas dance of Tanza, Iloilo.
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