The Pateado is a dance of Spanish name but of Filipino mood and execution. Pateado is from the Spanish word zapateado- the famous “Spanish Shoemaker’s Dance”. The zapateado in its original context was believed to be danced to test the durability of the shoes a zapatero makes. The heavy stampings and rapid footworks would indeed test the sturdiness of the new pair of shoes.

The Filipinos had, however, executed a dance with that name in a manner far different from the original. The Pateado is in a fact a simple but delightful courtship dance that focuses on a single couple’s flirting over a native hat (buri or buntal) executed into a funny but graceful dance steps. The male dancer would make comic antics to get the attention of the partner. The girl of course, would pretend not to notice or stay away from his advances. An interesting point in the dance is when the hat is finally snatched by the male dancer. The female dancer would try all her means to get the hat back but all in vain. Having all her efforts futile, the girl will shy away and would refuse to dance anymore. The dance is ended with the girl getting her hat back and the boy dancing happily after the reconciliation.

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