Patad-patad is an old dance from Samar which was described with few details in Fr. Ignacio Alzina’s Historia de las Islas Bisayas…1668:

“There is a dance which they call taruc or patad-patad wherein they make the same sound and harmony with the feet stamping with some vigorous kicks to the striking of a bell [agung?]. They strike this bell with a stick called hotarac in some places and tatac in others….”

“They have another dance of men and women dancing in pairs and doing this taruc. However, the women do it with much more daintiness and are more graceful….”

Patad-patad in the contemporary Waray language means "rapid walking steps". The word taruc is no longer in use. However, there still exist some dances from traditionalist communities untouched by foreign influence that bear names that sound similar: the Palawan Bataks’ song and dance Taruk, Mindoro Mangyans’ Bakal Tarok, the Tingguians’ ceremonial dance Tadek, and the Cordillera dance Tarektek. All of these dances feature movements imitative of birds.

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