Pastores is Christmas season folk dance and song practiced in many parts of Samar. The pastores (shepherds) recounts the story of the shepherds who visited the child Jesus in the manger through a song. They go house to house singing the daygon (worship). In some place the song is also called pastores or pastorada. These are songs of happy mood with a uniform message that tells the people to rejoice because the Savior was born. Most of the daygon are sung in Waray but the oldest ones are in Spanish or mixed diglot. A daygon version found in Can-avid, Eastern Samar was a diglot with opening line goes like " Bulan han Diciembre, bulan nga bulahan. Kami nga mga pastores nagrarayhak..." The song is ended with a Spanish invitation: "Vamos, vamos pastores de Belen".

Dancing then became inevitable because of the happy mood. Women bring in some bagol (coconut shell halves struck together) and wear hats with red ribbons.

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