Mananagat is occupational dance which originated from Bogo, Cebu. This dance imitates the work of a fisherman and his companions. Maria Neis, a native of Bogo taught the dance to her friends in Flihan, a barrio of Fabogon, near Bogo. Performers are composed of girls wearing kimona (sleeveless blouse) and boys wearing cotton shirt and colored pants. They dance to the tune of a moderate and lively music, divided into four parts (Introduction, A, B and C). A song made with a lyrics that tells the story of a fisherman's life is also being sang by the dancers while they are in a long formation and doing the cross, walking and waltz steps in a beat of two to 2/4 time; one, two, three to 3/4 time. Dancers also carry a paddle and scoop, a part of the act of imitating the fisheman's life.

[youtube src="09xI214xsQ4"/]

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