Kuradang is a lively festival dance performed during fiestas, wedding, baptismal parties and other occasions that call for a celebration. The Kuradang could have been derived from the archaic Waray word kurandang or kudangdang which literally means "overdressed". The term is probably descriptive to showy dancers of the olden days.

The Eastern Visayas is believed to be the home of the Kuradang. There are a lot of Kuradang versions found in the provinces of Samar and Leyte. The richest harvest of Kuradang dances are town fiestas or weddings in the northern part of the province of Eastern Samar. Cebu, Bohol and Iloilo also have versions of the Kuradang. The versions from Pototan, Tuburan, Iloilo are rare versions danced in 2/4 time.

The basic Kuradang step is even a part of the Tinikling dance.

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