Kapiil sa Munsala

Kapiil sa Munsala is a Maranao scarf dance found by F.R. Aquino in one of her researches in San Ramon Colony in Lanao province. The Kapiil sa Munsala maybe performed as a solo or a group dance. The dancer/s are equipped with two big and colorful scarves which delicately manipulated in numerous patters. The dance is marked with the dancers' static poses, sudden wrist flicks and graceful hip-sways. This dance is usually performed only by females but in their absence, males may also dance it.

The Kapiil sa Munsala is very similar to the execution of other Maranao dances like the Asik and the Aparet. All three dances are danced during Maranao festivities or on welcoming guests or dignitaries. It is notable there a lot Maranao scarf dances like the Kapiil sa Munsala. Very popular are the Katsudoratan (also spelled Kzadoratan), Kakini-kini remarkable of its stylized walk, and the Kasanduayan.

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