An Lubi

Literally, "the coconut". An Lubi is an occupational dance where the male dancer bringing the kawit (a scythe) and the humulhog (bamboo tube container hooked at the back shoulder of the managguete) goes through the motion of a pagsanggot (the process of extracting of the sap of an unopened coconut flower (tayuk) to be made into the tuba wine) and the hapayan or tagayan. The female dancer dances nearby balancing a bamboo tumbler on her head and later on her elbow. She then flirts with her partner by throwing him the bamboo tumbler, prompting her partner to catch it. The music that goes with the dance is a very popular Waray folk song that tells of the folks’ fondness for the “good plant”--the coconut.

This dance is unique in a way that it is both an occupational and a courtship dance.

[youtube src="Gfw9loo7eL0"/]

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