Filipino Dance Club of Singapore

They are not really based in the Philippines but we can’t just not extend our love to our brothers in Singapore. They are the Filipino Dance Club. I’d say most of you guys haven’t heard of them as they are a very young dance club. I was lucky enough to have stumbled upon them in, a very hospitable place for Filipinos in Singapore, who they helped to promote and perform in the Hiphop Generation with Philippine All-Stars.

The Filipino Dance Club (Singapore) started sometime in February 2007. They have quite a number of performances under their badge already: Philippine Independence Day, President Gloria Macapagal visit in Singapore, Assisi Hospice Charity Fun Day, The Dawn concert, Bamboo concert, Hiphop Generation with Philippine All-Stars, and Salvation Army Charity Show are some to name a few.

They have established themselves in just a few months and has managed to have five groups in total: FDC Crew (the original group with mixed male and female dancers who’s mostly consist of students), Groove Unlimited (an all-male group who are already working), E-Merged (another all-male group who are students), Power Girls (an all-female group who are working as well) and Ninyas (also an all-female group of professionals).

Their latest stint is the Hip Hop Generation with the Philippine Allstars.

And you know how Filipinos are, where ever they go… they won’t back out on any challenge! Even if it’s a cypher!

A short history on these crew (straight from Mao of FilSG:

Kuya Bryan made the FDC last year (Feb 2007). The objective is to teach dancing, develop the skills and be able to share it with other people also. Either you know how to dance or hindi as long you’re interested to learn then you’re welcome to join. Becoz of the club, members are able to have fun the typical Filpino way of relaxing even if they’re here in Singapore. gain more friends, develop their skills, gain self-confidence, able to exercise for good health and be able to give service for the community. All dance lessons are free. The club’s adviser is Mark Flores (former Manoevres) who is working here as a doctor.

FDC became popular becoz of the sincerity of the group to give service and the discipline among members. Kuya Bryan’s relationship with the members as their Kuya na palaging nagpapaalala na priority pa rin ang pag-aaral so nakita ng mga parents and in return andun ang patuloy na support dahil alam nilang hindi napapabayaan. Bawal sa group ang murahan at any form na “bastos” kaya while dancing members are really having a clean and good fun. Syempre sa tulong na rin sa kaya kaya people are able to see new pictures and videos.

Kuya Bryan started teaching dancing in Singapore sa SFC or Singles for Christ in 2005. He then formed FDC in 2007 to accomodate non-SFC members and be able to perform for any kind of events not just in SFC. The original members of FDC were Gino, Mona, Aika, Karel and Gico who are all members now of FDC Crew. By the way Gino is also a member of Fantastic 4 (the best Singapore dance group). He’s the only Filipino in the group.

In the end of the event, there were a major battle going. Hunger that is! And I guess the World Champs wouldn’t dare back out on this one.

Anyway, there you go! Sending the love to all our Filipino brothers back there in Singapore! Much love fellas! BTW do drop by for news on them. They’ll be performing in the Kamikazee concert soon.

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