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LAST Nov. 29, an article by Bianca Consunji, “When students dance like no other,” discussed the Skechers Streetdance Battle Year 4. We, the St. Scholastica’s College, Manila’s Danz Edge, are complaining about the write-up.

We find this part defamatory: “While St. Scholastica Manila’s Danz Edge colegialas were definitely an audience favorite with their risque choreography, their moves seemed more appropriate for bar dancers than college students.They did onstage strippings, split on plastic chairs, and lots of gyrating—fun to watch but low on technical points.” Strip is defined as “to remove clothing or make something bare by taking away removable parts” (The New Lexicon Webster’s Dictionary). We just removed our blazers and shawls, keeping our sando and brassiere. There was no splitting on the plastic chairs in our choreography.

Danz Edge’s choreographers are professionals and we were trained in funky Street dance classes. In line with this, the funky street style of the group has bagged awards for us such as Danz Idol, Penshoppe Denimlab, La Salle Dancelebration, and Pringles dance competition.

The characteristics of a good feature article include fairness and accuracy. We believe that the statement cited above is false and inaccurate.

We seek a public apology since the article has damaged the good name of our school and our group’s reputation. We look forward to a favorable response.

—Andrea Pamela Tan, President, Danz Edge, St. Scholastica’s College, Manila

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