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Be part of the biggest one day multi-arts festival in the country! PASINAYA 2019 is now accepting proposals for dance, theater, music, and street performances and “happenings”. 

Kindly submit the following through email:

  • Group’s Profile
  • Description of the proposed 15-minute excerpt performance\
  • Video clip of the proposed 15-minute excerpt, if available. If not, a sample video performance of the group.
You may email your proposals to and/or Deadline of submission is on December 31, 2018.

Pasinaya is an open house festival held annually for one day at the Center. Every possible venue at the CCP is used - theaters, lobbies, hallways, promenade areas, the alley beside the Production Design Center and are “zoned” according to the genres of music, theater, dance, film, literature, visual arts, children and family, variety and the artists market. The event also features crash workshops, film screenings, visual arts exhibitions and activities for children.

The G-Slide is a dance created by Lil Mama that is described in her G-Slide (Tour Bus) song. As seen in the song's music video, Lil Mama's G-Slide dance features wide shuffle-like steps and slides to the right and then the left, followed by similar slides to the back, rocking steps, and steps to the front. As the song incorporates a snap beat, elements of snap dancing (finger snapping) are also used.

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Lil Mama 

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Lil Mama

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Dancing and music are in your blood. You cannot live without them. Above all, you're creative. Whenever you close your eyes, you could see all those dancers on a stage performing the routines that you created last month. 

For quite some time, you've been contemplating to become the person behind all those dances and performances. Tap, jeté, pás de deux or grapevine are second nature to you, after all.

Wait a minute, isn't a choreography career so hard to break into? You might think that you're no Martha Graham nor Alvin Ailey (perhaps not even a Paula Abdul), but the myth of choreography as the unattainable dream is completely false. 

More than ever before, people are fascinated by dancing. Almost all video clips and life shows have background dancers. There are also so many dance schools and studios at every street corner.

The latest TV show frenzy Dancing with the Stars is a good example. For instance, as soon as Kelly Monaco won this reality TV competition, she became an inspiration for young girls and teenagers to develop their dancing skills. Yet many didn't credit the "master behind those glam," the choreographer.

This exciting phenomenon shows that behind every performance, there is a single individual who made this happen. Behind every successful dancer is also this individual. He or she is a choreographer.

A choreographer is the "composer" of musical and other rhythmic performances, which are mostly dances. However, today many "choreographers" do more than choreographing dance performances.

From those simple runway walks by super (and not-so-super) models to those artistic kung fu fights performed by Ziyi Zhang, David Carradine, Keanu Reeves and Jet Lee, all need the help of one or more choreographers.

Now do you need to live where those Broadway shows and movies are produced? Fortunately, this notion has long gone. You don't need to live in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco or Chicago just to survive.

You can live and work as a choreographer wherever you are, including in smaller cities, as long as there are:
Production houses (videos and advertisements)
Corporations (working as a corporate choreographer)
High schools and colleges (working as cheerleading choreographer or dance teacher)
Sport teams (working as cheerleading choreographer)
Night clubs
Cruise ships
Hotels and resorts
Fitness gyms
Stunt events
Acrobatic troupes
Circus troupes
More importantly, you don't need to get educated at expensive dance schools, like Julliard, either. Depending on the type of dance you'll be choreographing, there are tons of community resources for you to learn from (some of them are even free). 

The key is choosing the type of choreography that you're completely passionate about and familiar with. For instance, if you're good with modern jazz dance, focus on it. Be the best in the field by learning continuously. 

Today, breaking into as a choreographer is easier than before. With sufficient preparation on what you're going to encounter, you should be able to break into and succeed in this growing field with confidence. Breaking Into and Succeeding as Choreographer contains most, if not all, the information needed to secure your first gig. It also prepares you to begin your own studio or troupe.

If dancing and choreographing are in your blood but you prefer not to plunge into traditional choreography, there are many avenues to consider (these are called "alternative choreography"): 
Choreography for the Disabled
National Cheerleading Competition Routine Developer
Broadway and Off-Broadway Production Choreographer, Choreography for Theater
Stunt Choreography
Choreography for Television, Choreography for Music Videos
Choreography for Dance Competitions
Choreography in Nightclubs and Revues
Cruise Ship Review Choreography
Island Resort Revue Choreography
Choreography for Concert Performers
Teaching Choreography at the Secondary or College Level
Choreography in Theme Parks
Choreography and Acrobatic Acts
Choreography and Fitness 

This eGuide provides insightful information, advices and tips for anyone who is contemplating to become a choreographer. Numerous hard-to-find resources are included to help you locate pertinent information.

The Cultural Center of the Philippines is pleased to announce the CCP Ballet Competition 2018 which will be held on November 15 & 17, 2018 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino (Little Theater).

The competition is open to male and female ballet dancers in the Junior or Senior category who will compete in the rendition of a classical variation and a contemporary piece.

The Junior category is open to ballet dancers from 13 years old to 18 years old by November 14, 2018. The Senior category is open to ballet dancers from 19 years old to 25 years old by November 14, 2018.

For more information, please contact:
CCP Artist Training Division at (02) 832 1125 Local 1604 / 1605 or email

Join the CCP Ballet Competition 2018! Competition guidelines and application form are now available on their website.

Spreading happiness through dance. Batch 2 Dance Workshop of the country’s premier dance company isn't over yet. Come and join the G-Force Project 2018 Sembreak Dance Workshop!

Last 2 remaining classes for October is on October 20 & 21, 2018 at SM Aura Premier.

Students will showcase their mastery on October 27, 2018 at the Mercalco Theater.

G-Force was created in 2005, headed by their Artistic Director Georcelle Dapat Sy or Teacher Georcelle.

The G-Force Project is the brainchild of the group which offers dance classes of various genres to share their dance talent to the public, spearheaded by homegrown choreographers. Classes they offer are as follows:
  • Jazz
  • Hip-Hop
  • Street Hip-Hop
  • Sexy Hip-Hop
The group regularly performs in A.S.A.P and other special projects of ABS-CBN. You can also catch them up on local concert scenes here in the Philippines and abroad. 

To know more about the group, you may reach them at:

A: G-FORCE Dance Center Unit 104 & 105, Corporate Building, 101 Mother Ignacia Street, Quezon City, Philippines
M: 0917-843-6723(GFORCE) / 0998-523-6723(FORCE)

Are you ready to battle the crown? Showcase your dance prowess this 2019 and join Prestige Dance Battle.

Registration is until November 10, 2018 only.

Registration fee is PhP 400 / dancer. Venue will be held at Tanghalang Pasigueno

MEGA CREW DIVISION (35-60 members)

CHAMP- 130,000 + Trophy
RANK 2- 50,000 + Trophy 
RANK 3- 30,000 + Trophy

OPEN DIVISION (10-30 members)
CHAMP- 120,000 + Trophy
RANK 2- 40,000 + Trophy 
RANK 3- 20,000 + Trophy

CHAMP- 12,000 + Trophy
RANK 2- 7,000 + Trophy
RANK 3- 5,000 + Trophy

Ticket Prices:

450 - Regular Seats
700 - VIP Seats


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